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The Official Poshify Awakening!

We've been planning, preparing, and pre-ordering. We've perfected, Predicted and projected, and now it is time to awaken the beautiful sleeping giant. It is my honor and with complete humbling energy, I formerly introduce you to our Poshify Brand and by extension The Posh Blog!

In early November 2017, not that long ago, we began our venture toward opening up our premium female clothing line, with two things in mind. One, we wanted to make sure everything was at least shipped from the USA if it wasn't being made here (for now) and Two, we wanted to offer premium quality clothing at a price people like you and me could afford. Oh, I guess there was a third, and its a pretty awesome third too. We vowed to always offer free shipping.

So, here we are! Walking into the last month of our first official quarter and things are looking incredible. We are fully prepared for our spring/summer line, our site is up and looks incredible...well, we think it looks incredible but please let us know if you disagree. and we are ready to start sending you your orders.

Enter in new Blog! We thought it would be fun and exciting for our customers and fans to get to know us and what we are about through this very trendy blog. So how will it differentiate from any other blog you've read? Well.. i guess you'll just have to wait and see what we have in store.

A little about the Author

Are you ready for this? Are you sure now? Ok, you said you were ready. I'm about to defy the laws of life. How? I think a simply description of myself should suffice, for starters. My name is Bobby-James, yes Bobby, not Bobbie, I'm a male. and get this, I'm straight!!! and... I have a beard! (insert wow emoji)

Don't discriminate ladies, surely if you've made it this far or even purchased something on our site current to date, the style and selection has had something to do with me, so I guess I'm not all that bad eh? I've always had a knack for fashion, or at least what I think looks amazing on people of all shapes and sizes, and yes, it varies depending ON your shape and your size, but we will save that for a later post. For now, what you can expect when you see a post published by yours truly?

For starters, here is a place where you will be able to keep up to date, in a fun and light way, with all the new fashion trends and up coming styles to hit the industry. You'll also be able to have a hand in what we design and develop (to some degree) as we make every effort to get your input on what it is that YOU like, I mean after all, you are the audience we are looking to please, so why not ask you directly?

All in all the POSH BLOG was created for just a couple of reasons, one being to build some brand awareness and get all of you to recognize us as a brand and two, and in my opinion more importantly, to engage you so that we can learn exactly what your desire is when shopping for your female clothing apparel. What is missing today that you'd like to see? What exists that you don't like? and of course, what can we do to earn...and keep earning your business?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, stay tuned for more videos and fun stuff on the POSH BLOG as we continue to post the most up to date fashion info and trends so you can stay current on what's going on in the world of Poshify,

Poshify Yourselves!



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