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Are You Getting The Right Size When You Buy Clothes Online?

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It's no secret, as a matter of fact, it is probably one of the largest, if not the largest issue that any shopper faces when purchasing clothes online. Will my clothes fit when they arrive? The short answer, in most cases, probably not. It's incredibly common to find clothes that are coming from other parts of the country, whether its China, Italy or France, where the sizing difference is often over looked and you're left getting clothes you think are one size when they wind up being entirely different.

Even shopping on key platforms like Amazon still present this issue. Sure Amazon offers a very handy sizing chart for every piece of clothing, but did you know that that universal sizing chart is just a chart to measure what USA standards are for sizing and they do not in any way constitute the actual sizing of the shirt or outfit that you are viewing? Read the description of those outfits and you will see that many of them, a very large amount actually, will go into detail as to what their sizes are. Some even go as far as to warn you against using their sizing in their descriptions and completely overlooking amazons awesomely faceted sizing chart. What a shame, amazon created something so irrelevant to the reality of shopping on line. Well. they had the right idea in mind.

Come on ladies, it's a headache, is it not? Wouldn't it be nice to know that when you purchase a piece of clothing online, you understand exactly how the sizing works for that piece of clothing? Is it too much to ask that this is something that is finally fixed? Is it really too much to ask that the one thing causing all the horrible online shopping experience is finally resolved.

Guess what? We've done exactly that! We've gone the extra mile for you so that you don't have to be confused and wondering whether or not your clothes are going to fit when they arrive. Of course, there is a certain part that only you are responsible for, and that is being honest with your actual size, but as long as you can commit to that, then we've created a sizing chart that will completely eliminate your questions and concerns when shopping on our site

For those of you who may not be fully aware of what size you truly are, here is a great article that I found from WIki that should help you get a better idea of what size you truly are its for both men and woman so just scroll down a bit and find the woman section


Our sizing chart system is on its way and it should be here by the beginning of March 2018. A full system with sizing charts and tutorials to ensure that you are finding the clothes you want and in the size you need. We are excited about this addition to our site as it will eliminate all of your questions about whether or not you are choosing the correct size when you select small but really should be buying a medium.

Our sizing charts will automatically convert any size to USA sizing charts so you know and are familiar with what size yours should be. Of course, if you have ever measured anything using a metric scale and then converted it to inches, there is always room for a small window or error but rest assured that it will never again be what you have been experiencing on all these other sites. We take all the guess work out of it. We are also going an extra step and implementing an entire page designed to help you in ensuring you are finding the right size, every time, all the time.

Our system will include unique, individualized sizing charts that automatically convert any metric measuring to USA measuring for your convenience and they will be added to every item in our inventory and individualized specific to that items dimensions. This conversion will work both ways, for the USA customer ordering from our site and wanting an item that might come from Italy, France or China, as well as all of our European customers who are ordering items that are being made right here in the USA.

Stay tuned as we launch our brand new and fully efficient sizing chart and tutorials to ensure that every time you purchase clothes on our site, you get the right size every time.


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